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Founder/ Creative Director

Braisha Owens

An endorser of individuality and a lover of confidence, Braisha set out to instill those principles in every acquaintance by specializing in handcrafted exclusive wares. Her first stop was Chicago, Illinois where she received training as an Assistant Stylist at The Image Studio. She returned home to Akron, Ohio in 2016 with inspiration for her Fashion wellness brand, The Paper Bag Chronicles. The PBC takes her vision of confidence and all that it can bring a step further by posing the question, “Can you rock a paper bag?” The motto represents the idea that everyone should understand confidence to the point that it shines through any outfit, even if it were a paper bag.  

After styling for some years, she saw there was a need to change the narrative of how women and young girls felt in their skin.  As a stylist, she felt she was not truly helping people as much as she could, thus creating 

Embracing the Paper Bag Chronicles motto: Can you rock a paper bag?


  This brand was built upon confidence- " Being fearlessly unapologetically confident in yourself and all you do. "The Paper Bag Chronicles" will; help to build and develop a better sense of self, an even greater sense of self-love and showcase women and girls of all shapes, sizes, color and creed beng fearlessly and unapologetically confident in themselves.   When you see a paper bag, creatively, stylishly made just know it was The Paper Bag Chronicles LLC.

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