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Introducing Our Fashion Wellness Donation-Based Coaching Program!

Do you dream of starting your day feeling confident, empowered, and positively radiant in your own skin? Our one-of-a-kind Fashion Wellness Coaching Program is designed to help you do just that!

✨ Session Includes:  45min

  • Personalized Style Assessment: Gain a deeper understanding of your unique style and how it relates to your personality.  ensuring a wardrobe that authentically reflects your individuality.

  • Confidence-Building Techniques: Learn empowering strategies to boost your confidence and radiate self-assurance in any outfit.

  • Wardrobe Mindfulness Exercises: Engage in exercises that cultivate a mindful connection with your wardrobe, promoting a harmonious relationship with your clothing.  Remembering each article of clothing tells a story- so what's your outfit story?

  • Tailored Fashion Tips: Receive personalized fashion tips designed specifically for you, ensuring your style aligns seamlessly with your tastes and preferences

  • Empowering Discussions on Self-Expression: Explore the transformative power of fashion as a tool for self-expression, fostering a positive and authentic relationship with your personal style.

Discover the empowering fusion of inner confidence and outer style. Transform the way you feel before you even put on your clothes, allowing your confidence to shine through anything you wear. It's more than fashion; it's a journey towards self-empowerment and embracing your authentic style.


First Session - Preliminary (45 mins - Donation-Based): Embark on the initial steps of your transformative journey with our donation-based, 45-minute preliminary session. Delve into the world of Fashion Wellness and discover its incredible potential to elevate your confidence and well-being.

Monthly Subscription - $35: Should you choose to continue this empowering journey on a monthly basis, 

We approach each topic at a comfortable pace, recognizing that progress varies for each individual. Whether it takes one month or three to delve into a specific aspect, it's all part of the gradual and personalized process. There's no rush; we honor the journey as a step-by-step exploration.

Moreover, your subscription is flexible. Feel free to cancel or pause it at any time based on your needs and preferences. Our commitment is to serve you, ensuring that your Fashion Wellness journey aligns seamlessly with your unique path of self-discovery and growth.

Our subscription package at $35 includes a wealth of benefits: 

✨ Set Personal Goals: Unearth your unique fashion wellness aspirations and align your wardrobe choices with your well-being objectives.

✨ Mindfulness & Self-Awareness: Discover the power of mindful dressing, overcome body image hurdles, and embrace self-acceptance. This includes a frame assessment, providing a realistic view of your body.

✨ Style Personality Unveiled: Find your style personality, create an inspiring style mood board, and dive deep into self-discovery through fashion.

✨ Wardrobe Assessment: Learn to evaluate your wardrobe, identify its strengths, and master the art of decluttering for a more meaningful collection.

✨ Stand for Something Fashion: Dive into having a stance with your fashion choices. Explore sustainability, slow fashion, eco-consciousness, support for BIPOC fashion brands, or fast fashion. Being mindful of these practices will guide mindful purchasing and foster a deeper connection with your choices.

✨ Mindful Dressing Ritual: Develop a pre-dressing ritual infused with mindfulness and intention setting, making every day feel extraordinary.

✨ Styling & Confidence: Master styling techniques that make you feel radiant and confident every time you step out.

✨ Embrace Change: Adapt your style to different seasons, personal growth, and physical changes, all while staying true to your unique self.

✨ Reflection & Celebration: Assess your progress, celebrate your wins, and continue to evolve your fashion wellness journey.

✨ Community & Support: Connect with like-minded individuals, share your experiences, and build a supportive fashion wellness community.

✨ Bonus Features: Enjoy expert interviews with fashion gurus, stylists, and mindfulness practitioners, plus access to a wealth of additional resources.

Embark on this empowering journey, where every session is a step towards a more confident, mindful, and stylish version of yourself!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:

We appreciate your commitment to your Fashion Wellness journey. To ensure a positive and efficient coaching experience for everyone, please take note of the following cancellation policy:

  1. Cancellation Notice: Kindly provide a minimum of 12  hours' notice for any cancellations or rescheduling of coaching sessions. This allows us to manage our schedule effectively and accommodate other clients.

  2. Late Cancellation/No-Show: Cancellations made within less than 12 hours of the scheduled session or instances of a no-show will be considered late cancellations. In such cases, the session fee will still be charged.

  3. Late Cancellation/No-Show for Free Sessions: For clients availing free sessions, the same cancellation policy applies. Late cancellations or no-shows for complimentary sessions may result in the forfeiture of future free session opportunities.

  4. Flexible Rescheduling: If unforeseen circumstances arise, and you need to reschedule, please notify us, and we will make efforts to accommodate your request within reason.

  5. Subscription Pause/Cancelation: Monthly subscription clients can pause or cancel their subscription at any time. A minimum of 48 hours' notice before the next billing cycle is required to ensure proper processing.

  6. Refund Policy: Refunds are not provided for individual sessions or subscription fees. If you encounter any issues or have concerns, please contact us, and we will collaborate to find a satisfactory solution.

  7. Blocked Booking for No-Call No-Show: No-call no-show for scheduled sessions may result in a temporary block on future bookings. We encourage open communication, and if you encounter challenges attending a session, please inform us in advance.

Your cooperation is valued, and we strive to create a supportive environment for your Fashion Wellness journey. If you have any questions or require further clarification, feel free to reach out.

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