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About Us

The Paper Bag Chronicles was created with the goal of instilling confidence and genuine self-love in women of all ages. To showcase the wellness aspect of fashion, which is often never thought of in the fashion industry. In an industry where women are searching for perfection, we aim to disrupt an industry.  Coining the term fashion wellness is all about changing the narrative of how women feel in their skin.  Continuing the conversation "The Paper Bag Chronicles"  has main four components it delivers to the public,  

  •  Fashion Wellness Podcast entitled Can You Rock A Paper Bag?  

  •  Quartley Themed Self Love Brunch combined Self Love Photoshoot 

  • Annual Fashion Wellness Conference 

  • T-Shirt Couture

This is all to help build and develop a better sense of self, an even greater sense of self-love, self-care, and showcase women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creed being fearlessly and unapologetically confident in themselves.  

Embracing the Paper Bag Chronicles motto: Can you rock a paper bag?

Collaboration Opportunities

We are always open to collaborating with organizations on various projects.  Allowing confidence, and/or self-love to be the overall being the overall theme.  Here are our main interest below

Self Love  
  • Whether corporate or personal:

  • Redefining the view of oneself

  • Identifies unhealthy and 

  • healthy ways to measure 

  • self worth

  • Defining self image, self concept, and self ideal.

  • Finding their personal 

  • definition of why the feel
    they can 

  • "rock a paper bag."

  • We produce workshop for different organizations, as well as in house.

  •  Focusing on the ideal self, self-image, abilities, skills and measuring self-worth. 

  • Themed photo shoots are all-encompassing showcasing women of all shapes and sizes being fearlessly, unapologetically confident in themselves.

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The Paper Bag Chronicles

Tel: 6148590829


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