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The Paper Bag Chronicles
Gap Program

Empowering the Future: The Paper Bag Chronicles Gap Program


Are you ready to witness the transformation of young women aged 18-24 as they journey from childhood to adulthood? Discover our non-profit's remarkable Gap Program!

The Paper Bag Chronicles Relaunch event

Who We Are: The Paper Bag Chronicles is dedicated to empowering young women in our community. Our Gap Program is designed to uplift and guide them during this critical phase of life.


The Challenge: Many young women face self-doubt, childhood trauma, and the complexities of becoming an adult. Without proper support, these challenges can hinder their growth and potential.


Our Solution: The Gap Program is a beacon of hope, offering tailored workshops in self-development, self-love, and character building. We provide mentorship, counseling, and immersive community engagement opportunities. What's more, this is an 8- 9-month journey, a true commitment to personal growth. Plus, selected participants will receive a  monthly stipend, acknowledging their dedication to self-improvement.


Application Only: Our program is not for everyone—it's for those who are ready to invest in themselves and their future. It's application-only, ensuring that each participant is truly committed to their personal growth journey.


Your Role: Join us today to be a part of this incredible journey! Follow our inspiring stories and see firsthand how we're bridging the gap between dreams and reality for these young women.


For more information and to get involved, please email and don't forget to follow us on @thepaperbagchronicles_org


Together, we can empower the future!

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